Care Services

Since its founding in 1988, the ALS Association of Georgia has worked with ALS patients and their families to ensure the highest quality of life possible.The progression of ALS varies significantly from one patient to another. No matter a patient’s situation, the ALS Association of Georgia is available to provide vital services and reliable information.  

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The ALS Association of Georgia provides:

*A Medical Equipment Loan Program that provides mobility equipment and augmentative communication devices when insurance and other programs cannot fund needed items

*Assistive Technology Program to customize communication devices and train patients and their caregivers on its proper use.

*Support Groups for patients, family members, caregivers and friends

*ALS Care Grant Program guidelines and application

*In-home one-on-one patient consultations to assess the patient’s needs, suggest equipment and help families plan for the future

*We provide support to ALS Clinics staffed by neurologists, speech and respiratory therapists, social workers and dietitians

*A Reading Reference list of books for our patients and their families. 

*Annual Educational Symposium designed to educate on current medical and psychosocial clinical care standards in ALS (2016 Resource Guide)

*Hope for tomorrow through ALS Association funded research at Emory University and across the nation.


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